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In the old world of Skypelida the inhabitant were called Triions, from east to west, north to south the Triions were all techonology oriented and extremely good at it. You could find flying cars hovering around huge neon lighten skyscrapers. The way of transportation was mainly through advanced quantum portals that could teleport one to the portal of his choice all across Olipeïda as well as some into Proraxia at the Far East of Skypelida.


Long ago Triions were a pacific people that would prioritize technological research and knowledge enlightenment over greed and maliciousness and it was true for most of the people of Skypelida but when the Glodia (a toxic smoke that destroyed most part of Skypelida) appeared some 700 years ago, it changed everything.


They tried for century to find a solution to evaporate the Glodia in vain but one day someone made a discovery that would change the world forever.


Ace was a member of the High Council of Skypelida and the descendant of Erdos Otpelida, the most known searcher in this world. After years of research based on the partly lost work of Erdos, Ace did the impossible by recreating his work to the perfection. He used to call it the WINGS as his invention was a gas substance that could lift anything up in the sky. It was perfect, and Ace wanted to use it to escape the Glodia with the Triions. Unfortunately, Ace shared his discovery with his best friend at the time, Corners an other member of the High Council. Corners had a very different perspective of life than Ace’s vision, he wanted the strong to survive and the weak to struggle for life because he believed that only the strongest could make the world a better place. One night, while Ace was out in Triios (the capital of Olipeïda), Corners broke in his workshop to steal the blueprint that would allow him to recreate the WINGS.


For months, Ace was devastated to have lost the blueprint and tried to recreate it in vain due to the fact that some of his work was made based on the few sketches and notes that was left from Erdos work, and that disappeared too that night. Corners had disappeared as well and came back to Triios several months later, but the way he came back gathered people from all over Triios. Corners was flying, magnificent bloomy blue wings attached to his back. Ace couldn’t believe it, at this moment he realized that his childhood best friend had betrayed him by stealing his blueprint.


Corners then spread a message across all Triios speakers.


« TRIIONS ! Today the new era starts, you can stay here and slowly die from the Glodia or you can go with me and build the new city in the sky »


Half of the city where shocked and surprised, they never saw something similar. After few second half the Triions decide to follow Corners.


Power is everything Corners said, and Triions are not ready for that. Now there are new gods in town! We are the SKIIONS!


Ace was shocked by this betrayal and decided to devote his life to track down and kill Corners for what he had done not only to him but to the whole community of Triions, his last sentence toward Corners and the Skiions as they left Triios was « This is not the end be ready to fall down from the Sky »


Since then, the war has started. There will only be one tribe left !



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